Small apartment decoration four details need to pay attention to paint do not tile
Small size of the decoration of the wall paint should be selected matte. Although white is not the wrong choice, but inevitably appears boring rigid space, the lack of layering.hotel exterior wall panels Italy
Light gray is a good attempt, can effectively enhance the modern flavor of space, and ease the small area of ​​the room to bring a sense of cramped. Warm and comfortable light yellow, fresh and neat light blue is a good choice ... ... but there is a principle: the best choice for matte light tones. In addition, we can also wall paint and special glue mixed, thickly coated on the wall, the wood gently press and then pull up quickly to create a three-dimensional effect of the wall nap, you can also use the comb on the wall painting Out of a straight line or wavy lines and so on.Products Environmentally Friendly
This wall can be used as a TV wall and other rooms need to strengthen the visual effect of the background wall, the wall so that the whole small space can be more three-dimensional. The bigger the tiles, the better
90x90 cm floor tiles are usually used in public space, the pursuit is to make the ground to be ignored the background, so that many items in the small house was successful in doing a subtraction. Size is too small tiles, brick and brick between the sutures will make the ground very messy. Outside Composite Flooring Cost