It being an endless game in theory was a nice solution to many balancing problems, and I just tuned the curve to make sure that every player would perish at some point.Procedural games are sometimes at the biggest risk of overscoping their boundarieshow did you keep Kingdom's design tight and focused, and what had to be pruned away?We definitely did overscope, RS 07 Gold but many features got naturally pruned due to time pressure as we got closer to launch. On paper there was supposed to be a lot more procedural generation going on, but In the end we limited that to basically shuffling the map.

During development, we did stick to a few rules, to be true to the concept of the original Flash game, and as a fun design challenge. Things like not introducing an extra button mapping besides pay or adding resource types besides gold.Cheap RS Gold When thinking about mechanics it can be tempting to complicate things. And we actually broke a rule because galloping is a separate button on controllers now.What was your thought process in retrofitting mechanics typically seen in larger games to a 2D environment, to the point that tower defense, exploration, etc can all happen on essentially a straight line?Honestly I just never thought about having anything happen on the Y axis while creating the world visually.

I live in a very flat country.This game started as a Flash game, then was showcased extensively at indie booth after indie boothwhat effect did that have on your design process?It was mostly a reassurance to see people enjoy the game! We had followed a relatively closed development process, involving only a few players. Putting the game out there and letting people play without as much as a 'back of the box' introduction was scary. We did get a few shrugs followed by a dropped controller, but those were far outnumbered by excited reactions. RS Gold We ended up letting go of a few mechanics that I had been stubborn about, after seeing that those just really didn't work in the wild.Have you played any of the other IGF finalists? Any games you've particularly enjoyed?I've played many of them, but I'm trying to see them all before I go to IGF. Infinifactory and Keep Talking 'amp Nobody Explodes are two of my favorite games at the moment, and I'm just blown away by the fact we get to be right next to them in the nominee list.