The Brook-Lin duo of Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin are two of the Nets’ top players, and they will be graded as such. The rest of the team, comprised of experienced Cheap NBA 2K17 MT veterans and young, potential-filled players, will not be ranked as high as Lin or Lopez because they’ve fallen out of their prime, or have yet to reach it. However , some of Brooklyn’s developing players have a chance to see their rating increase throughout the course of the season as they get an opportunity to showcase their game. As gamers stare at posters scattered across the world’s GameStop and EB Games locations, they’re probably asking themselves a set of familiar questions. First, they’re wondering how much they can get for trading in last year’s NBA MT Coins edition of 2K Games’ NBA 2K entry. Second, they’re wondering which version of NBA 2K17 will get them the most for their money.

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