Newsbrief: Minecraft in virtual reality is the stuff of dreams for many people, including Oculus founder Palmer Luckey who called the game the first step towards a metaverse at last year's Oculus Connect conference.Now it looks like that metaverse is going to get a little bit bigger, with Microsoft and Oculus confirming to Engadget that Mojang's blocky phenomenon will be coming to Gear VR.Although Mojang had already announced Minecraft for Oculus Rift, thersgolds Samsung's Oculuspowered Gear VR headset is likely viewed as amore consumerfriendly option, largely because of its smaller price tag.An official announcement with more information, including pricing details, is expected in the near future. Gamasutra Capcom is putting Street Fighter V on SteamOS, with Steam Controller support
Valve's LinuxbasedSteamOS platform will get another feather in its cap next year when, according to a Capcom blog post,Street Fighter Vwill launch on SteamOSwith Steam Controller support.This isn't the first time Capcom has ported its flagship fighting game franchise to the PC, but it is the first time it's worked with Valve to ensure aStreet Fightergame will run on SteamOS.It's important becauseValve has long touted SteamOS as a competitor for traditional game consoles in the living room, Buy Runescape Gold and now it will have one of the more popular local multiplayer games running natively on its platform. Capcom has already confirmed thatStreet Fighter Vwill support crossplatform online multiplayer matches between players on PC and PlayStation 4 it's yet unclear if that will also extend to thisSteamOS version.The fact that Capcom is promising to support the Steam Controller is also intriguing, because as of a month or twoago very few Steam developers had created Steam Controller configurations for their games.Gamasutra EIC Kris Graft suggested that creating a Steam Controller configuration for your game, as Capcom will now do forSFV, is an easy way to make your game more approachable and potentially attractive to a wider audience. Gamasutra Indie RPG hit Stardew Valley sells over a million
Today Stardew ValleypublisherChucklefish Games confirmed to Polygon that sales of the indie RPG hit have broken the 1 million mark: 1,007,000, in fact. The game debuted in February, so it's only taken two months to sell that many copies.The game has thus far only been released for Windows PCs. It sold nearly half a million copies in just a week.My experiences playing Harvest Moon are priceless and have had a deep impact on me,Cheap RS Gold and I wanted my own game to have that kind of power, says developer Eric Barone, who spoke to Gamasutra in a revealing interview about the difficult fouryear development cycle for the game in March.In many ways, I think I'm stuck in the past. But it's a past where game worlds were creative and magical a celebration of that special, overwhelming feeling of wonder that we experience as children, Barone said.This isn't the only notable 2D indie hit of late just yesterday, Gamasutra reported that roguelike Enter the Gungeon has sold over 200,000 copies in its first week on sale. That game is available on both PlayStation 4 and PC. Gamasutra Coleco looking to bring back cartridgebased gaming with new console