Be sure to use the most healthy floor. Because the maximum floor area occupied in the living room, is a major source of indoor air pollution, so choosing a healthy floor home decoration has become a primary consideration. If you increase 15 yuan per square meter, I grew up on the floor will be able to brand or no brand E1 grade laminate flooring products upgrade to the forefront of national sales floor Dekor brand E0, E0 Dekor flooring formaldehyde content close to zero (E0�� 0.5mg / L), 8ft wood fence panels it is currently the only E0 test certificate "national Panel quality supervision and inspection Center," issued by the product. Buy Dekor E0 floor is the "15 yuan Health Investment Plan" I want to carry out. According to authorities, it said Dekor invested 400 million yuan to produced E0 floor, then my 15 bucks and how additional investment of 400 million yuan investment produce Dekor exchange it? I Dekor E0 floor according to the manufacturing process is split into three parts, then 15 dollars additional investment is also split into corresponding "6 yuan", "6 yuan" and "3 yuan." "Investment" Why it is divided into three parts? The price of each "investment" Why not the same? First introduced to split the investment costs of three reasons: Laminate flooring is popular to say the timber after grinding pressure to become wood fiber, wood fiber after glue coating a substrate become pressing, best outdoor composite lumber the upper and lower sides of the substrate through the high temperature and pressure each of the adhesive layer surface to form a laminate flooring products. Accordance with the process, Dekor E0 floor by the three most critical aspects of the manufacture of glue into E0, E0 and E0 manufacturing base surface fabrication. My health investment is invested in these three areas: my "first six yuan investment": additional purchase Dekor E0 glue laminate flooring involve only the health of test substance is formaldehyde, formaldehyde emission produced in almost all production process used glue into, and glue formaldehyde emissions will be affected by two aspects, one is the purity of the raw materials of glue, the glue pattern on the other hand is the status of the manufacturing process. Manufacturing Dekor E0 floor is level from E0 glue manufacturing began. Floor substrate glue generally composed of urea and formaldehyde both raw materials for production from a chemical reaction, roof veranda fence design the higher the purity of the raw material, the more fully the chemical reaction, the fewer remaining free formaldehyde, glue, formaldehyde emission natural decrease. The current Dekor use E0 glue material purity urea and formaldehyde increase twice the traditional flooring. My "second six yuan investment" additional purchase Dekor Dekor E0 after E0 glue production base will be sprayed from the production floor to high-density wood fiber substrate in order to suppress the base material. vinyl fencing costs Mauritius Dekor E0 E0 is the second part of the substrate is formed. Dekor E0 floor substrate using a special pressing technology, pressing process, the inner glue remaining trace formaldehyde absorption and glue curing depth, the ideal state is completely free of formaldehyde released and completely absorbed by the substrate and curing the curing agent binding tight. Produced substrates must be tested in full compliance with corporate standards E0 pressing step to enter the floor. Because of this, currently in the country to achieve E0 standard only a few other Dekor flooring brands. Dekor E0 floor promotion, is also its most emphasized E0 substrate manufacturing process.