With the autumn gradually, will come a fitting season, easy clean wood plastic composite pergola and laminate flooring market is also the winds of war clouds, the manufacturers also brewing war imminent. This year's hottest E0-level floor, it is obviously standing on the cusp of a pioneer, some manufacturers have to cut popular, and some manufacturers again shouted crackdown. In short, the market is increasingly noisy, and consumers are happy to benefit from it. E0 floor fell 69 yuan to attract consumers in the upcoming autumn battle, seize market opportunities, various manufacturers has taken great pains, brains, tricks are endless forms of promotion, have a direct discount price, and sell flooring gifts with selling floor and draw ...... August 27 launch Rhine sunshine "E0 universal health crisis" promotion is the head start, the launch of the "end of the era of profiteering E0, E0 pure 69 yuan to take home," the price reduction program, once launched, suddenly brightest price makers "complaining." Because, synthetic teak deck characteristic currently on the market price per square meter of floor E0 is about more than 100 yuan. The Rhine sunshine "low exposure cold toward E0" really trying to do? Rhine sunshine head Peng Hongbin said, "We are price knight, not a killer price." He believes that the current E0 floor price on the market significantly higher, its value is not a consistent, cost-effective price optimization, so they price it has been re-defined. It is understood that the refractive industry to cut prices because some time ago, the country suffered laminate flooring Canadian anti-dumping and lock sued for patent infringement,outdoors wood floor uk resulting in blocked exports of domestic products, which is part of an export domestic products so that the already fierce domestic market even worse . Some industry sources have said, laminate flooring in the increasingly intense competition today, the frequently fierce price war will inevitably accelerate the industry reshuffle, the floor of the profits era will soon end, some of the complete industrial chain, cost control, good power companies just want to have a price advantage by itself some strength is weak, can not afford a price war allowed companies to extract market or vanquish. Insiders said that at present China's wood floor strengthen the brand concentration is not high, no-name five inferior plate further entrenched with about 1/3 of the market, but the industry from "chaos" to "great order" Transformation is not far away. Fake products disrupting the market since E0 E0 set off such a large waves that E0 what? E0-class standard of health is the most clean indoor air formaldehyde pollution limits that formaldehyde emission ≤0.5mg / L (desiccator method), lightweight wood composites pavillion than the national drinking water standard (concentration of residual formaldehyde ≤0.9mg / L) more strict. For consumers, there are three certificates can be distinguished, namely: E0 international patent, E0 flooring national authorities test reports and E0 base state authority report. Consumers Association, an official said in an interview in early Dekor, Krono and other invested heavily in the production of the world's leading E0-level floor is to promote the whole industry. But then the production of unscrupulous companies to follow suit, although the country also E0 floor still no clear criteria to define, but the quality is far from the actual product. This is not only deceiving consumers, but also the leader of injury. Rhine sunshine while the price cuts, it can be considered as E0 extrusion shoddy products a fake move. Expert Weapon Buy E0 flooring experts believe: Because there is very fierce price competition in the industry, consumers in the purchase price of the floor can be used as the basis for one, but do not "price Oneness", otherwise you may miss business to compete for market and they were forced to consumers at an affordable price. Experts point out that the purchase E0 floor should note the following: a look at E0 patent certificates, the market could not get a lot of patent business, its products are often non-compliance; second look at E0 substrate inspection reports; Third, look at the floor E0 inspection reports; four to see manufacturers and brand strength.