The market is not standard, and some low-quality product quality, affect the healthy development of the industry - because the plastic pipe market is not standard, and some buyers composite porch flooring agent uk who use the product is not the end, do not pay attention to the brand and quality, are formed on the market is not the same quality together with the presence of the product, and even some low post when the geology is very good product to sell, and PVC-U pipe is quite serious.
The cost of PVC-U pipes, the material quoted accounted for about 70% of the company through a single wall thickness is reduced, a lot of calcium carbonate and other methods to increase product ECO Friendly Teak Deck costs decline, the formation of low-quality product quality. There's not the same as two or more companies to use the trademark quality, the use of low-level processing equipment, drinking water pipes lead salt stabilizer selected production methods to reduce costs, harm the interests of consumers and industry spoils the promise.
Quality of construction projects should further improve --PVC-U pipeline project depends largely on the level of construction quality, good products and appropriate to ensure outstanding running ability construction pipeline systems engineering. Some engineering skills Vinyl Composite Plank,Vinyl Composite Material Manufacturer of personnel lack professional training, follow metal tube method in practice for design and construction, there is a situation of non-standard construction, construction and other rough, not fully function both PVC-U pipes, as well as the formation of the pipeline damage. Some users still do not know the current plastic pipe according to how the procedure for the construction, supervision and other knowledge.