Fiberboard divided according to different performance hardboard, hardboard and semi-soft fiberboard three. Particleboard: Particleboard, also known as particle board, wood particles are used as roofing panels insulated agent the main raw material, applied to gluing materials, additives collectively by the repression of a thin plate. Press particleboard pressing method can be divided into squeeze particleboard, particleboard two types of flat crush. Blockboard: core board with wooden mosaic, two stickers for the nature of the surface veneer of solid sheet, commonly known Daixinban.
Broken wood: wood is processed corners more than expected, the chopped, dried, mixed with glue, hot pressing. Wood wool board: also known as the Manley panel, using wood waste, wood planing machine with silk, chemically saturated solution, then mixing cement into outdoor deck privacy solutions the molding pressure, hot steam, freezing, drying. Assembling local version if you think change your floor is not large, can do some articles on the floor of the assembly shop law. Inclined 45 degrees wood floor coverings, particularly in the rectangular space pavement properly, can increase the visual width, read on to make the room more spacious.
"Keystone" Pavement wooden floor, is the study, the best choice Kotofusa Pavement wooden floor. "People" shaped pavement is good, a strong sense of the plane, particularly appropriate in the living room deck. Today, there are brands launched between color shop, it is to buy the same textures but the difference of color appearance two floors and deck boxes made from decking accept partition pavement markings essentials metamorphosis difference, the effect is naturally good, but the price is slightly more expensive pavement. The general assembly floor is ash, oak, walnut, teak and other fine wood, after drying, processing small wood strips, which can be formed after assembly nice pattern.