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Duncan, according to former Spur team mate Bruce Bowen, dropped Chief executive The presidents's encourage to participate in him in South america.

"Tim, his heritage is always going to be more of the base guy in San Antonio and a guy that was not ever focused on the focus, but more significantly focused on others, ensuring that they could really achieve the most out of their prospective,” Bowen, who is in Rio with NBA Home, informed’s DeAntae Royal prince.

Bowen ongoing, “It's crazy that he was provided an chance to fly here with the Chief executive of the U. s. Declares, and he mentioned it with me and I'm like, 'You're going, right?' He was like, 'You know I'm not about that things.' Even that time where you'd say, 'I sure would like to get involved in that,' it does not occur with Tim because he's not focused on that things."

So add humbleness to the big record of factors individuals made the decision against journeying to Rio june.