Some reporters in an interview that the highway construction site, each site has a very eye-catching slogan: "standard as a habit, habit standard, the results up to standard." This is the core concept of standardization in Fujian Expressway Construction.

Provincial expressway construction headquarters deputy director, chairman of the Provincial Expressway Company Huang Xiang talk presentation, Fujian highway construction for 15 years, and gradually explore the formation to manage behavior, site construction, construction technology, process control, building achievement "five standardized "core of the" standardization construction guide "system, covering a standardized survey design from the source to the project management standardization, to standardize the entire contents of the entire construction.

He told reporters: "We want every heart builders are fitted with a 'ruler', always check their work meets the standards."

In recent years, Fujian also promote the management of information technology, the development of real-time remote online video surveillance system, real-time view of the first-line site, the information technology and transparency to guarantee the implementation of standardized management.

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