Albion Online Gold As I see it, the encounter at this time is just another "grind for equipment progression" activity, with the regular "pay 2 smash less" components (aka premium) included. Tedious. Why applying the next japan grinding machine or wow replicated, when you could develop something different?We possess sufficient Albion Online Gold storage, professional staff with world-class service, rich experience,and we will provide the safest,cheapest and most convenient Cheap Albion Online Gold
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Especially I see the following problems:
There is an idea losing, how a gamer beginning some time after release can become practical or even can capture up. Making low level ressources required up to max level or applying strategies through regional finance industry is actions in the right route, but not enough.

Too much things is invisible behind a lot of useless smash surfaces. Example: why do I have to collect fight XP with an axe, to be able to use a crossbow?
Here are a few concepts actions to create it different:

There is too much complexness (x.y program, combination of kind with material), but options not significant enough. An shield with more security should slowly down your progress significantly, so that there is a real option to be made between security and flexibility. There should not be the overall best shield, but only appropriate resources for a certain fight part.
In medieaval times there persisted a "tier system" for armor:
0.) simply clothes
1.) gambeson
2.) mail
3.) steel plates
These were not used as substitute, but each part was included on top. So a soldier in complete shield would use underwear (0), a shield part (1), a email clothing (2) and some steel items (helmet, shoulder area, breastplate, ...) (3). Each extra part needs more safe Albion Online Gold
and encounter to use, provides more security, but is stressful and decreases you down. This could be simulated by decreased activity rate and power regrowth with bulkier shield.
So a useful fight development would be to collect enough XP in one part to be able to use the next part. This development should not take that long (some weeks?), so that a gamer has more options quick. After that there can be a development in capabilities, so that more fight XP in a kind of shield will create the durability of this kind more powerful, NOT slow up the weak point. The "gambeson skill" should create the idol shift quicker or avoid better when dressed in only a gambeson, the "plate skill" should give more security while battling in dish shield. Create the idol better, not the armor!