In any first visit you definitely want your trips filled with fun, excitement and is one of your best memories in your life. Especially when visiting Genting Casino Malaysia forum at the first time, you want to make this trip unforgettable, avoid unexpected incidents. Though you have casino staff everywhere who are ready to help you, there are some rules you should remember at your very first time.

1. Your Clothes In Genting Casino Malaysia
If this is your first visit to casino as James Bond, Carlo or in a tux, you donít need to pay attention to your clothes. However, this is Genting Casino Malaysia, you have to wear smart clothes. You are allowed to wear jeans, however, it is unacceptable to wear clothes as shorts, muscles tops, vest or football shorts. As the security problem, you have to be seen clearly on CCTV system and you have to put off hats, caps as it is hardly to recognize yourself.
2. Communication To The Dealers In Genting Casino Malaysia.
As in the casino, there are a lot of visitors and players so you had better avoid talking with the dealers. However, you can talk with them in their free time. When dealers are busy with their work, you should observe other people playing games, and interrupt dealers in accepted level. The dealers can show you what you should do to play games, rules but not ways of betting.
3. Drinking rules
Beverage is only available in a floor waiting staff you donít have another choice of drinking in other place. However, there are plenty of choice of paying for drink. You can pay by point card, card chips, and by cards. Remember you are only allowed to use trolley tables and put it under tables
In case you donít want to take part in slot games and look for a seat, there are chairs available in front of table which are served for players and visitors
4. Rules Of Using Mobile Phones And Cameras In Genting Casino Malaysia
You are only permitted to use mobile phone in other areas without playing games. Inside the areas, you will be banned to take photo. However, there are some exception, in some special event, you can take photos under the investigation of manager here. Taking photos or recording cameras in gaming areas is still prohibited.

5. Rules Of Using Chips
If you want to join the Blackjack or Roulette slot games, you have to buy casino chips. The procedure of buy chips is pretty simple, you only can put money on the table and ask for chips

Chips include two kinds: non-valuable and valuable chips
- In Genting Casino Malaysia, Cash Chip is a valuable chip and it only take effect inside the casino. This kind of chips are applied on any table games
- Color Chip is a non-valuable chip, you can only use it for slot great bue game. By this kind of chip, the dealer identify who is owner of this chip. Unlike Cash Chip, this kind of chip is only used for Roulette. You have to exchange for cash chips if want to play another game.
As the dealer could not access to table game, you have to exchanging the cash chip at the cash desk.