You need to go inside yourself and move out of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds a normal beta brain state and focus and center your intentions on where you want to go. Your intent and being open to it is you reaching up for that vibrational experience which already has a pathway created for it in existence. It's been established and has a resonance (vibration, frequency) which you are trying to pull into you so you can connect with it Lets get deeper with this. You can hold these vibrations and energies within you to the point that they take over your dominant system and frequency as you generally operate under. Holding this vibration as an ideal for most people will draw that frequency towards them till they can bring that frequency close enough so that they can become a lighting bolt and connect from the ground to the energy at the top. It comes from both directions, you and outside of the you that you currently experience. This is what Christ Consciousness is all about. You, as a soul with a particular resonant frequency within you, can hold onto the idea (resonance or vibration) of Christ Consciousness and accept it to manifest into the full blossom overtop of your current vibratory state or just completely replacing your old system with a newer, better one. This is how you learn to live the I AM. This is the process of ascension by connecting with the vibration that has already existed and been developed by other souls over countless evolutions and you are simply and effectively tapping into that already established resonance. This is the simple, straight path of least resistance, the full embrace of what change is in Buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds the omniverse (multiple universes) and how to use it to achieve whatever it is you want in this lifetime.