That means that the vibration of Astral Diamonds an atom has some sort of consciousness to it. It's able to spatially relate and react according to a perception of itself and the other atoms around it. It modifies itself in accordance with was is going on around it (consciousness).Lets look at what happens when you receive an attunement like say Usui Reiki or some other direct transmission of knowledge such as is found in spiritual traditions. You typically receive the attunement or energetic alignment as a point to point transmission from someone who already has the energy (resonance) within them and has been cultivating it and getting to know it for what it is and what it's purpose is. All you did is open yourself up to the frequency of the energy which is already present and nearby because someone else familiar with it is giving it to you. This vibratory signature or this vibration of change, comes in and merges with the other vibrations you are latching on to. The more you hold on to a particular vibration, the stronger its resonance and the stronger the pathway you begin to build for it. Think of this as say someone who uses their intuition actively every day and allows the information to come through them, i.e. practice. This high information pathway is going to be a lot more accessible to the person who does the work every day than say someone who one, either doesn't even acknowledge this 6th sense or two, just acknowledges it on a sparing basis. I am encouraging and nourishing this pathway to merge with my vibratory signature and allow it to change me on a cosmic level. I am learning to embody this vibration as a constant within me.Let me give you some examples. To go to say the Akashic records you need to Neverwinter AD raise your vibrations outside of the dense physical body.