LOL Boost Reward is a wonderful feeling. In life, and especially in video games, players like to feel that what they are doing results in a tangible reward or result. In the early days of video games, that result was a high score. Video games were not designed to be beaten, and the satisfaction usually came from beating that one guy with his initials above yours in the arcade. As games have evolved, reward systems have been put into place to help satisfy players and push them towards reaching their goals. Everyone likes to feel like they are making progress, and in a multiplayer game, they want more than just a big KDA ratio. Sometimes, it is the smaller things in a game that really cause a person to enjoy what they are doing.

If you stop and take a moment to peer under the hood of virtually any present video game, they are chocked full of little bells, whistles, and doodads that create a pleasurable experience for a player. In League of Legends, there are many examples. When you last hit a creep or minion, you are rewarded with gold, and it even pops up on the screen with a little graphic. When you destroy a tower, you are rewarded in the same way, with a global message noting your achievement. And of course, kills are rewarded with a global announcement as well. So what we have, for the laners, is a constant stream of positive feedback for simply playing the game. Each minion that is successfully hit with a last hit, each kill, each tower, is a reward. The jungle, which is always the problem child for Riot, is headed in a different path.

While Riot may claim that what they have been doing over the past Season is to “fix” the jungle, and that very well may fit in with their design philosophy, this is not being conveyed via positive feedback. In the jungle of past years, you used to be able to fly through it, and even if it was a little too easy, it was still cool to farm the jungle like a ripe harvest. With the way the current jungle is structured, the creatures have been buffed so heavily that initial clears are not only dangerous and unforgiving for the uninitiated, but it downright discourages trying out anyone that isn’t J4, Vi, or Lee Sin. As it stands, the jungle is simply too strong and offers too little a reward for the amount of effort required to tend to it. It seems that in Riot’s fervor to balance the jungle for the absolute top levels of play, they have forgotten to ease the burden of jangling for lower level players, let alone brand new players.If you have free time, our site is superb place to help you understand further updates and buy cheap ELO Boost. We are looking forward to your visit!