LOL Boost Tonight's red post collection includes the 2016 Mid-Season spotlight, a League Client Update dev blog on The Play Loop, context on the PBE changes for Jinx, Sona, and Champion Mastery 6 & 7, ZenonTheStoic sharing more on Taliyah now that she's revealed and on PBE, and more! Red Post Collection: Hexakill: Twisted Treeline live in RGM Queue, MSI 2016 Primer, and more!

With patch 6.9 and all the mid-season mage, objective, itemization, and other changes headed to live, check out the 2016 Mid-Season spotlight for a run down of all the new stuff!"This year, we're putting on a half-time show to introduce big changes to mages, items, and the river's most monstrous inhabitants. Get ready for Mid-Season Magic."

Next up we have a League Client Update dev blog on the "play loop" - which is everything that happens once you hit play until you've finished your game:

"The "play loop" in League of Legends is everything that happens in the client between smashing "Play" and swapping GGs in the post-game lobby. Today, some parts of League's play loop are visually inconsistent or just plain outdated, and we want to fix that with the updated client. We've set out with several design goals to help guide us here, and we want to share those with you.

Some decisions are presented with a time limit and the threat of an impending game launch (or a dodge). These are important choices, so we want to make sure players are able to intuitively understand whatís being asked of them, and itís gotta be especially clear to players when they need to respond.

As players progress through the play loop we want to build hypeópulling player attention towards the impending game by adding a little pizzazz to key decision-making moments. This means showing off the chosen map, making champion selection feel impactful, and tuning the post-game lobby to highlight your individual accomplishments.We have Cheap ELO Boost in our official website, if oyu want to buy LOL Boost, please go to our website.