Theatrhythm proposes an interesting tribute to those composers, all while pitching an exciting gameplay idea and BNS Gold giving thousands of Blade And Soul players, who have played any number of Final Fantasy Blade And Soul games, a reason to join the party.Everyone can listen to soundtracks or select favorite songs from in-game jukeboxes, but itís another thing entirely to relive them in the way Theatrhythm presents. By keeping up with the beat of field, battle, and event stages, Blade And Soul players can relish old themes in a way thatís sure to get the songs stuck in their heads for days.What those FFVII diehards donít seem to understand is that as people, we often need a fresh setting and a fresh perspective to keep the memory of something alive. That holds true with anything in life. Home feels much homier when youíve been away from it for a long time. Theatrhythm bases its entertainment on songs we already love while pressing them up against an adorable graphical style, where our favorite characters, like Cloud and the Onion Knight, are now chibis, and bosses and enemies are much cuter than we remember.From the trailer, some challenges are even preserved in their original cinematic or past-generation forms. While Iím not as hopeful about these portions as the chibi ones, at least theyíre still accomplishing the same goal: to strengthen our Blade And Soul Item memories of the music and Blade And Soul games we love through creative, independent gameplay.