On a related note, we recently posted a story from Zulfi Alam and Larry Major Nelson Hyrb on BNS Gold the 40 improvements the Xbox One's controller makes over the 360's. You can view that story by clicking here. [CVG]Command and Conquer Beyond the Battle: Part 2 dev diary showcases the development of a GLA unit. Electronic Arts and Command and Conquer developer Victory Blade And Soul games are giving gamers a behind-the-scenes look at the next installment of the Command and Conquer franchisevia their Command and Conquer: Beyond the Battle series. In part 1, the studio took a step back and explored the formula that made the original game so appealing, while explaining what influences from the past are playing a part in what’s going into this new game.Part 2, however, goes in-depth with an iconic GLA unit in the Blade And Soul game, as you Cheap Blade And Soul Gold see how a simple strapped-on nuke vehicle undergoes concept, animation, sound and balance.