Daily Star 'said Mangala's leave provisions of 40 million pounds, while Manchester City plan a one-time payment of 30 million, and the fifa coin rest slowly filled. However, Manchester City in the bidding process to face no small competition, opponents, including Manchester United, Chelsea . and Barcelona Moyes hopes to make up for the summer transfer window in the winter market setback, Mourinho is for David - Lewis might defect to Liu Houshou Camp Nou, and Barcelona failed to do so if the Brazilian striker will get retreat seek second offensive Mangala accept the 'Sky Sports' interview, Mangala said:. 'I am satisfied with the development in Porto, I love this club, I never asked to leave, and as far as I know I do not intend to sell the FIFA 16 ultimate team. People on my evaluation is very high, but it does not affect me. 'But at the same time Mangala added:' Manchester City is now one of the world's largest brand of clubs, you can get their affirmation I was flattered. 'With Yaya - Toure and Negredo's FIFA 16 goal, the first three home Premier League Manchester City in yesterday's 2-0 victory over newly promoted Hull City, Manchester City after FIFA game coach Manuel Pellegrini said he felt that City there is room for improvement, especially in defense, FIFA game seems Manchester City defense instability in the case of absence of captain Compagni, almost ultimate team coins conceded on several occasions in the first half, in order to solve this problem, the club ready in the summer window closed before the introduction of a defender.