Schalke manager Black Stewart has expressed a few days ago, they did not receive any information about Max - Meyer's offer, and the FIFA player's own idea is fifa coin to contract with the club quickly. Most do not want to say Chelsea signings position, it must be regarded as left-back this session, Mourinho has been outspoken recently, on a good performance even recent guest column and left-back, Ashley - Cole And do not worry about the future for the main location. However, tower but yesterday said that the original right back, he does not mind to continue as left-back in the future, as long as the play on the line. 'As more and more opportunities for my debut, I would feel more stick, if I can get the opportunity to play again and again and help the FIFA 16 ultimate team in Guangzhou Hengda AFC Champions League despite winning the championship this year, but it ranks only dropped from 35 to Article 43, Hengda Club World Cup rivals Al Ahly buy fifa coins of Egypt only ranked No. 113, 70 behind Hengda Guangzhou Hengda beat FC Seoul in the AFC championship final, but because two rounds were a draw.