Two weeks or so ago, the clubs chairman showed him and journalists a fax where it said the FIFA player was called up for Cameroon Aleksandar Holiga AlexHoliga May , Belle turned up in Cameroons training base in Austria, but they didnt even know who he was. The fifa coin callup was fake, though its unclear Aleksandar Holiga AlexHoliga May , whether it had been a prank or something else. Belle had previously celebrated all night for being called up Aleksandar Holiga AlexHoliga May , We have to hope this was some kind of terrible admin error, otherwise what kind of monster? What kind of sick monster? If any of you good internet people know where Henri Belle can be found, give him a hug from us. Poor lad.Wayne Rooney is going to the FIFA World Cup armed with a somewhat full new head of hair, a young England FIFA ultimate team and unrealistic expectations. He is also going with songs of inspiration.Yes, Rooney has createda FIFA World Cup playlist, and hes made it public for us all to see. The playlist starts strong with Drunk in Love, which is half right about the Englishmen going to Brazil. He then follows up with buy fifa coins Old School Love, presumably a nod to when England used to be good at football. Then theres The Blowers Daughter, which redacted.As we can see, Rooney really likes Stereophonics, Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers, Jake Bugg and Ed Sheeran. Basically, he has a type.