This article comes from old school, OF: That Tomoyuki Takimoto, reproduced Please keep this line. Properties cap [-] are better now, but the gift of Mother Earth and Star focus still provide too much haste, so there should be a cap value. For professional with more instantaneous skills, the value of rapid effect is manifested not out. In fact, this is all right in a way, but the main focus is to avoid cataclysm players give up some equipment, just because a property with other property of garbage mixed together. Prerequisites Glyph / talent we often fall into the trap of the players they want to give me the manufacture of Glyph and talent have meaning but not necessarily essential. So that our design space becomes very narrow. rs gold If we make a gift of this skill affect the shield wall, then this talent is essential talent. If we do not make any talent can affect the shield wall, then you will find these gifts can not affect you care about the skills and eventually become neglected aspect of the player. Controversy is that, if you do not strengthen the commandments, then you can benefit from the other good talent; the same token, if you do not get a shock wave or a Paladin does not have to get Ardent Defender, then you can seek compensation from the other talent. You need to strengthen the commandments, then people need to defend. My view is that the occupation should be part of the overall harmony. Currently we are trying to allow players to have more natural choice in Cataclysm. But if you still think every talent should be optional non-essential, then it would have no interest talent will not strong enough.