It had left some huge unanswered questions for Cheap RS Gold me because I didn't really understand why it worked. I knew what the crucial ingredients were: Depriving the Runescape player of their primary sense sight ; having them focus on their breathing as the main interaction; hiding the most important gameplay information from them, and the creepy ritual of putting on the gas mask. And I knew the end result it left people shaking and terrified. But I didn't know why, and that bothered me. It was in this period that I met with the musician Sxip Shirey to talk about collaborating on an interactive composition. He was imagining a whimsical discovery process like literally walking through a space and hearing a composition change depending on some obscure properties you were driving. It was while imagining how a Runescape player may interact with and explore Sxip's music that I dozed off.I'd recently had a powerful LSD trip at Burning Man. I was in this structure reOnion with complex kaleidoscopic shapes projected on the walls, and a beautiful droning soundtrack. I began chanting, and just as I did that, the structure filled with choral voices. I felt a physical bond with those voices like I'd caused them, like I was them. I felt the boundary of my self expand to include them, and to include the structure, and to include the festival, expanding outward infinitely. I was everything and everything was me. When these three ideas met, that was the prototype of SoundSelf. A musical experience driven by your voice, that resonated and sang with you, that would play with you but not be played by you. That would aim to shatter your perception of self by building a synesthetic bridge between your sense of sight, your sense of sound, and your breath i.e. sense of self .What is the prototyping process like? Do you experiment with different inputs? Do you get your friends to come over and hum at it? How do you refine something that has so little precedent?The first experiment Evan made based on our conversations was very simple. You would chant, "aahhhhhhh", and the computer would remember the note you chanted. That note would charge up a little persistent geometric visual and play a tone that matched the tone you'd chanted. If you chanted a new tone, it would add to the existing geometry and tone. It wasn't much. but it was extremely hypnotic to interact with. That was enough for the two of us to justify jumping off a cliff. We planned a date to launch the Kickstarter, and used those three months or so to build a complete though not to say "good" version of SoundSelf with the intention of starting from the drawing board when the Kickstarter ended.That was an important choice.