He is a founder and organizer of RS3 Gold the Southern Fried Runescape gameroom Expo. Femme Doms of VideoRunescape games: Bayonetta Doesn’t Care If She’s Not Your Kink. I hereby call for an end to the phrase male gaze in all future videogame criticism.It's not only that most people use the phrase incorrectly, although that's part of the problem it's more that the phrase already got debunked by feminist film theorists decades ago. Male gaze originally referred to an assumption that the camera, and the theoretical spectator, are assumed to be male. But not all men are straight and not all camera-holders are men nor are all spectators! In the 1987 article Desperately Seeking Difference: Desire between Women in Narrative Cinema, Film Studies and Women's Studies Prof. Jackie Stacey points out that the specifically homosexual pleasures of female spectatorship have been ignored completely by the term male gaze, which results in a particularly reductive role for women: the female spectator is offered only the three rather frustrating options of masculinisation, masochism or marginality. In other words, male gaze is a phrase that makes a lot of assumptions, and none of them make sense in the context of Runescape games. When we use this phrase, we assume the Runescape game's developers are male; this is true most of the time, but not all of the time nowadays (thank goodness). We also pretend to know what all men might like to gaze at women's butts, apparently? I doubt that. We discount the interests of non-men entirely, since any enjoyment they might have is considered unintentional on the part of the creators, and therefore irrelevant.That's a load of bunk. And yet, critics have clung hard to the idea of the male gaze in Runescape games, perhaps in part because we've also been making lots of assumptions, over the years, about the intended audience of Runescape games. This makes no sense at all, though, given that Runescape games not only allow but encourage the Runescape player's self-insertion into the narrative, inviting people of all sorts to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.Of course, many game developers do still presume that the Runescape player is straight, male, and interested in leering at ladies and they may even choose to pander to these Runescape players' eyes only. However, whenever developers include cheesecake in Runescape games while also allowing the Runescape player to inhabit the body of a woman, unintentional subversions often occur, no matter what the creators' intentions may have been.