Many weeks, and angered Reddit postings, it took until Bungie took this problem. The exotic weapons are to rs gold indeed feel overpowering, but quickly found out the Runescape players that they were not. In the case of Thorn and Bad Juju they came even unusable rüber.Ein great drama stoked for the Vex Mythoclast, the order in PvP was at first totally overpowered and unfair and caused by a patch for resigned frustration. With the new update but all these problems should be solved, with Bungie remains faithful to a motto: Exotic weapons were created to look overpowering, to listen and to feel. But at the same time they should not destroy the Ballance of the Runescape game. We gave you the key points from patch 1.1 summarized: Exotic GegenständeIn preparation for the DLC: Darkness Lurks need exotic armor and weapons no longer Aszendentenmaterial to be upgraded. This will stop the eternal farms for upgrades. For the final step, an Exotic Shard is needed in the future, this is obtained by decomposed exotic items or by placing them from Xur for 7 Strange coins (Strange Coins) kauft.Alle exotic weapons now start with a higher base damage what they legendary weapons superior make soll.Gläserne chamber Raides Fixed a bug which had crept last update and Atheon verbugte, so not always three Runescape players wurden.MissionenFür selected correctly for the completion of the Time Gate täglischen heroic story (Daily Heroic Story) you get now basic raw materials of respective Planeten.BeutezügeDer crucible foray relic hunter was entfernt.Für the conclusion of the patrol prowl get Runescape players now basic raw materials of respective Planeten.HändlerDie Renown, the per engram is obtained when Kryptarchen, were reduced. But the chance has increased that one in a reward a legendary engram erhält.Es is now possible for crucible trademarks or vanguard brands, basic materials (rotating metal, etc.) to buy all the planets, with which you can upgrade armor and weapons. Buy you can it at the Quartiermeistern.