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Natural Hair Loss Treatment

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Hormonal imbalance is the network between menopause and hair loss problem. Telogen effluvium is a condition in which a significant amount of stress (extreme weight loss or gain, surgery, emotional stress, etc.) causes many hair follicles to get into a resting phase and within a few short months the affected hairs may begin to fall out when you are merely brushing or washing your hair. As devastating as hair loss is usually to one's psyche, we ought to all take comfort in knowing that stress related hair loss doesn't have to be permanent. When hair isn't washed, oil builds and results in thinning hair and hair loss up, the best your hair looks, for most of us is when it is freshly washed and has the added bonus of feeling a little better - always advisable.

This is thought to be an autoimmune disease, where in fact the immune system attacks the hair follicles and results in hair loss on the scalp and other parts of the body. However, the hair follicles are alive therefore there is prospect of hair to regrow when the underlying problem has resolved. In most cases hair loss only happens in a few places, leaving a few bare patches. Sometimes though, the condition can advance to total loss of hair from the head (alopecia areata totalis) or complete loss of hair on the top, face and body (alopecia areata universalis).

However, the silver lining at night clouds is that hair loss due to an itchy scalp is not permanent and the hair grows back again, after the right treatment has been administered. Only if the hair loss is severe and is accompanied by itching, the condition should not be neglected then. It is important that you check and change your shampoo along with other hair maintenance systems at regular intervals. Generally shampoos contain harsh chemicals, which strip the hair and scalp of its oils.

This kind of hair loss can also occur due to absorption of steroids like testosterone found in body building. Medical ailments and hormonal imbalance: Hair loss can even be triggered by endocrine (hormonal) conditions affecting the body such as diabetes or thyroid. People who have kidney and liver disorders may also experience excessive hair loss. Girls and women might experience hair loss because of the hormone imbalance that occurs in polycystic ovary syndrome. Telogen effluvium: Women typically experience excessive shedding of hair after childbirth. Trichotillomania: It is a psychological disorder where men and women repeatedly pull their hair out.

Take a nutritional supplement, such as a multivitamin, which contains at least 100 percent of one's RDA for all minerals and vitamins. It also keeps skin, hair and nails healthy and helps defend against bacterial infections, in line with the McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chicago. The Nutritional Supplements Health Guide reports that too much zinc may donate to hair loss, too.

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