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A Cure For Herpes? It's COMING!

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Whether or not you are experiencing herpes simplex-1 virus or herpes simplex-2 virus, the simple truth is that it won't go away. These persons will nevertheless have anti-bodies for the Herpes virus of their blood stream, and this results in people and physicians saying that there is no cure for herpes; ,. However, everybody knows that there is a direct effect in the grade of life of someone who is having Herpes outbreaks on a monthly basis and someone who hasn't had one in 5 a long time.

Whilst there is no official herpes diet, it is safe to state that a good nutritious diet is most appropriate and it is possible to include foods that are good for the skin and also foods that are particularly fine in tackling the herpes virus.

You also need to change the excess fat you consume, Forget about man manipulated fat (trans fat, partially or hydrogenated natural oils, margarine) start preparing with coconut oil, along with a wide spectral range of natural non gmo oil, no more GMO food especially anything corn linked, corn syrup etc. Basically you make your system right into a completely disease free temple, That has every line of defense in tact.

People may be pleasantly surprised to discover that their doctor can prescribe a drug that cures herpes but because it is not a free of charge country they may have to work to invest in that their medical doctor can prescribe the drug.

I came across zeolite (which i tried but did not cure me) and the H2O2 protocol (ingesting 35% foodstuff grade hydrogen peroxide for 1 month, per the books written by people claiming their tests returned negative).

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