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Worst Foods To Eat If You've Got Herpes

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Out of both herpes virus strains, specifically Herpes Simplex Type 1 and Herpes Simplex Type 2, the latter is accountable for causing genital herpes, a sexually transmitted disease. It really is contracted when an individual's skin is exposed to this virus by being in direct contact with the infected person's skin.

Researches have shown that the first outbreak in women continues on an average for around three weeks and most of the time it is the worst one. Nevertheless, in some women the symptoms might be missing entirely. Sometimes, a girl might mistake the herpes disease for boils. Also, there have been instances when genital herpes was misdiagnosed as a pelvic inflammatory disease or a yeast infection. It is because of these motives that herpes disease is sometimes not diagnosed in time and its cure does not happen.

Diet does not replace conventional medical care for prevention or the treatment of herpes zoster or any other affliction. In 2006, the Food and Drug Administration approved a vaccine, Zostavax, that prevents herpes zoster in more than 50 percent of people over 60. For vaccination reduces the risk of complications by about two thirds. Those who grow herpes zoster at any age should find a doctor. People over 60 who have not already had herpes zoster should ask their doctors about Zostavax.

The herpes simplex virus, generally called herpes, is transmitted through direct contact. There are two forms of the virus - one that causes cold sores and the other that causes genital herpes. Most people with herpes have outbreaks multiple times within a year, with blisters and itchy, painful sores. The outbreaks happen less often as time goes on, and drugs can help reduce the severity of outbreaks. Yet, seeing your diet can also help youthe number of outbreaks you've got. Foods that Lower Your Immune System

Of the VZV virus, which means that this virus assaults the body of someone and causes chickenpox. After the infection has been cured, the varicella zoster virus settles into the cells of the nervous system and stays in a dormant state. It impact and can so reactivate somebody anytime. It is this reactivation after a bout of chickenpox that leads to a painful rash referred to as herpes zoster. Interestingly, only those individuals who have had chickenpox can be affected by this disease. If the virus has not had chickenpox and affects a person, he will only develop chickenpox and not herpes zoster.

Most people who have genital herpes aren't aware they've been infected. CDC reports that about 81 percent of people between 14 and 49 with genital herpes have not been diagnosed with the condition. It is because most diseases cause no symptoms or mild symptoms that can easily be attributed to something different. For example, a woman may attributes the urinary symptoms that can accompany a herpes outbreak to urinary tract infection or a yeast. Importantly, however, herpes can still be spread to others in the absence of symptoms. See Your Doctor

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